Halogen Lights

Halogen Lights produce a concentrated beam of light that is clear, precise, and shadow-free. Their stylish appearance has made them a popular choice among interior designers, but they also remain a staple for industrial, medical, and laboratory environments due to their durability and small size. Their low voltage and powerful light output also make them one of our most environmentally friendly lights.
20-Watt Halogens
Dazor's 20-watt halogen lights utilize a 2.5" diameter reflector head that produces a very concentrated beam of light with a color that is closer to natural daylight. Their modern and attractive appearance makes them perfect for almost any home or office
50-Watt Halogens
Dazor 50-watt halogen lights produce a concentrated, superior light beam with a powerful MR16 type bulb. Often used in industrial environments, these lights feature a 4.75" watertight head that resists cutting oils and coolants as well as a ventilating ch
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