Circline Magnifiers
These all purpose magnifiers include a circular light source that enhances color contrasts without the competing shadows. All models include “Floating-arms” and are available in a range of diopters.
Handheld / Portable / Compact
The J-Series magnifiers are perfect for use in hobbies, reading fine print or as a convenient night light. Available with desk base, floor base or as a hand held magnifier.
Stretch View Rectangular Magnifiers
Our most popular sellers feature large 6.75” x 4.25” lenses, 18 watt compact fluorescent lights, and the legendary Dazor “Floating-arms.”
Flex Magnifiers
Our Flex line of magnifiers feature a 5 inch, 3 diopter lens with all-metal flexible arms.
Hi-Lighting Magnifiers
Designed for inspection tasks that require the precise discrimination of details found in the variations of an object’s surface, these magnifiers cast light at an angle ideal for highlighting object details.
Industrial Magnifiers
Commercial grade magnifiers for special applications and professional use.
ESD Safe Magnifying Lamps
Specialty magnifiers for inspecting electronic parts and circuit boards.
speckFINDER™ Video Magnifier
The ultimate video magnifier featrues a magnification range from 1X to 40X, a generous 6.4” flat panel display, and four distinct lighting options
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